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And my feelings fail me/Pretend to be lovely - [a small light in the darkness]
And my feelings fail me/Pretend to be lovely



Simultaneously riding high and skimming the surface.

Feeling invincible… and untouchable.

How can I be irresistible, so enticing, so desired one second – than the next, feel so low?

I know why. I do. It’s that letdown after a high, the crash after the cresting wave of an awesome moment.

But in that nadir, I have to try and remember: I was sparkling. I was lovely. I was beautiful.






Make me beautiful again
And feel like I am special still
And remind me how to smile
And feel like diamonds
Make me beautiful again
Cry my tears and vanish them
Whisper in my ear as I run away and hide
Pretend to be lovely

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