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[a small light in the darkness]

28 December 1966
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Blah, blah, blah.

I'm a spinster, aka I make yarn for a living. You can shop my products, under the trusty ThreeRavens name, at Threeravens.net or at my Etsy site, Threeravens @ Etsy. This is how I pay my bills - not the normal way for people to hold a job, but since when has that stopped me?

Take a good look around you: what is missing from your life, your scene, your community? What are you willing to do to make those things available? Complaining won't make things change; belittling others' efforts will get you nothing. Being open to change and working for what you want can make things happen. And don't be afraid to open your mouth and ask for things! The worst that they can say is "no," and you're no worse off then you were before! You are a valuable force. You can make a difference.

Let no one tell you that you can't make things happen.

Former singer for The Violet Dawning, Host of Subculture Shock, DJ and Promoter of The Dawning in Charlottesville VA, and now former resident and promoter for Cryptkicker in Baltimore MD.
I'm retired from DJing now, living in NC with my magical destructo kitty squeegee_cat!